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[experts in project, program, portfolio, and change management.]

Arkatay tjänsteområde - Operativa insatser

Operational Resources

Certified change, program, portfolio and project managers experienced in successfully delivering impact and business value. Strengthens your organisation in a specific initiative.

Arkatay tjänsteområde - Kompetensutveckling

Competence Building

Equips individuals for their roles in sustainable success through courses, seminars, coaching and mentoring. From executive leaders to project participants.

Arkatay tjänsteområde - Öka projektmognad

Increased Maturity

Management consultancy services that develops the organisational capabilities for making strategy come to life and ensuring sustainable success in change and projects.

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Arkatay Consulting

At Arkatay, we assist our clients in becoming more effective in delivering results through projects. This is achieved through three types of services: leading projects, educating project managers, and improving project management processes.

How we develop your skills as an individual or as an organization

Current Course Offerings

Curious about which courses we’re offering right now? Explore which courses we currently provide and take the next step in both your personal and professional development.

Custom Courses & Programs

Arkatay is privileged to have earned the trust as the main or exclusive provider to several Swedish and international corporate academies, annually training up to a thousand individuals

"Arkatay is a state of the art partner. They provide both a strong methodology on culture change and project management, and a thrilling capacity to help implementing this change into the organization with the perfect right balance between focus and emotional intelligence. They are playing a decisive role in our ongoing cultural transformation."

Are you passionate about leadership, projects, and change?

We´re always looking for project managers who love to lead the most challenging projects, who are known to reach project success and who have broad experiences in the field of projects, programmes and change.

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Johanna Fransson håller utbildning

14 juni - 18 juni

Project Management in practice

Project Management in Practice är en 3-dagars grundläggande utbildning som riktar sig till individer som strävar efter att fördjupa sina kunskaper inom projektledning. Ta steget och anmäl dig här!