Project Management Training & Competence Building

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We love to help others succeed. So, when we conduct project management development, seminars, competence building, and coaching, that really shines through. We passionately spread our knowledge, and support individuals as well as entire groups in increasing their ability to achieve sustainable success.


Project Management Training & Competence Building for organization members

An organization’s employees need to be equipped for their working roles, regardless of what level within the organization they operate at. The executive management group, group leaders, steering groups, change managers, project managers and team managers  all need to have the right tools to perform at their level. So, for the organization to achieve sustainable project success, its employees deserve the right level of competence building and project management training so that they can all perform and develop within their working roles, achieving the right competence.


Project Management Training & Competence Building based on good practice

Arkatay is honored with being trusted as the main or exclusive supplier of project management courses to several Swedish and international companies’ corporate academies. Every year we carry out project management development and competence building for up to a thousand people. We base our teaching on our wide range of training packages, but we also create tailored courses to suit your organization’s unique training requirements – ranging from large educational programs to smaller lectures.

As with all our work, our offer spans over leadership, change management and project management development in every shape and form . Regardless of the needs of the individual project manager or the entire organization, we offer useful and effective project management development and competence building based on good practice and long experience within the field.


Customized Project Management Training and Competence building

Each organization is unique, with different challenges and problems. That is why we offer customized project management training and competence building based on your organization’s context and individual needs. In some cases, an overall program may be best suited for your organization in which we manage continuous courses to ensure a high and evenly distributed competence building throughout the organization. In other cases, targeted efforts for company management, management teams, managers and leaders, project offices or change leaders are more suitable for your organization. We then offer tailored project management development, beginning at your organization’s current state, with your context and needs top of mind to ensure that the material presented is well adapted to secure your future goals.


Are you curious about what kind of project management development and competence building we offer and how we best can assist your organization’s specific needs and challenges? Kindly check out our calendar for current project management- as well as other courses here or contact us for further assistance and discussion.

Why is a Project Management certification important?
  • It certifies your professional competence and experience.
  • It increases your value in the labor market.
  • It creates opportunities for continued career development.
  • It increases your own and your organization’s credibility.
  • It teaches you the global nomenclature for project management.
  • It helps raise the standard of project management.
Why choose Arkatay?

Our project management training and other courses are both intensive and effective.

By using modern, adapted, and varied pedagogical methods, such as Accelerated Learning Techniques, we keep our project management training and other courses intensive and effective; all in order for you to get as much value as possible out of the time you invest. Arkatay’s highly appreciated course leaders are active project management consultants, and love sharing their relevant and current practical experience in the field.


We have satisfied customers who pass the exam.

Arkatay has a high number of truly satisfied course participants who award both our course leaders and materials with very high grades, at an average of 4.85 out of 5. We are very proud to say that so far, everyone who has participated in project management training or another one of our courses has been willing to recommend it to a peer or colleague afterwards. In our open certification preparatory courses, as many as 93 percent of the participants pass their exam and get certified on their first attempt. We are also always at hand throughout the whole certification process, should you need any support.


Our project management training and all other courses are created by us

All Arkatay’s courses have been developed internally by our course leaders and project management consultants, who all possess extensive experience within project management. Both a broad knowledge within the field in general as well as a certain expert knowledge within more narrow domains of the field. We continuously work to improve our project management training and courses, both in terms of content and materials used, but also with our own pedagogical tools – e.g., our popular process puzzle.


We have a degree guarantee

For our certification preparatory courses, PMP® Exam Prep and PRINCE2® Foundation + Practitioner, we have a degree guarantee. If, against all odds, you do not pass the exam on your first attempt after having taken one of our certification preparatory courses, you will be offered a place at a new course opportunity free of charge. It is important to us that you reach your goal, and we have a strong confidence in the quality of our project management training and other courses!


We are quality assured by PMI

As a PMI-certified R.E.P. (Registered Education Provider) Arkatay can guarantee that you get a course of the highest quality.


Global good practice for project success

Arkatay is actively engaged in the world’s three largest standardization bodies for project management. Our greatest passion is to spread good practice in project management and thus helping organizations achieve sustainable success in their projects. This is reflected in our project management training and courses that are all based on good practice.


Customized courses

For individual organizations and larger groups, we are happy to arrange custom courses adapted to your unique context and needs along with the participants’ prior knowledge and ambitions.

What characterises Arkatay's seminars?

Our seminars combine theory and practice

We deliver our seminars in a concentrated form, considering good practice and experience, to be a complement to our customers’ other competence development actions. We make use of the seminar group’s collective knowledge as well as alternate between theory, group discussions, and joint exercises.


Our seminar instructors are highly esteemed and competent

All our seminar instructors are experienced project management consultants, appreciated project management training providers and experienced educators. With humor and warmth, they share their skills and create dialogue between the seminar participants.


All our seminars are developed by our experienced instructors

Our seminars are the result of Arkatay’s overall knowledge and professional experience. Our lessons-learned and competence are combined with relevant theory and research on the subject.


We are responsive to your context and conditions

Based on the challenges our customers detail, combined with our experience in the field as well as theoretical knowledge we identify new, relevant seminar topics. But they are also adherent to the competence needs that exist within the project management field.