About Arkatay

[ our way of working ]

Arkatay’s entire purpose is to make Sustained Project Success the new normal. Project management, leadership in projects and change management is our absolute core and we have decided to focus only on that in order to master it. That means that we can put all our time and effort in to thinking about, discussing and improving how projects are handled. That is what we do best, and we do it in order to help our customers reach sustainable project success – so that you can be the best at what you do.

We see ourselves as part of a larger ecosystem, where we mobilize and collaborate with several parties – customers, partner organizations and associations nationally and internationally. We carry out projects and increase the ability of others to do it ourselves. We work with, for example, project management, change management and organizational development.

The best place to work – and be yourself

All of us strive to be the best at what we do. At the same time we are humble to the fact that excellence comes from continuous selfimprovement and collaboration with others. We ensure our own wellbeeing as well as the prosperity of others becasuse we´re convinced that´s how we all prosper. We bring our whole selves to work. We´re self organized and purpose driven, inspired by Teal practices. Arkatay is owned by the Arkataians and all of us can make any decision, as long as we comply to our policies and let our purpose guide us.

Thought leadership

Considering how much money is spent in projects all over the world we find it especially important to follow global best practices. But we will not stop there. We participate in the development of best practices and standards. Most Arkataians spend their time as volunteers in boards and committees developing good practices and frameworks. To our clients we´re the link between understanding relevant theories and making them work in real life. We have a strong passion for learning and sharing our knowledge.