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Leadership in Projects

[our course Leadership in Projects]

To lead projects and take on the role as project manager could be compared with being the CEO of a temporary organization. Despite the fact that a project manager does not have the same formal mandate as a CEO, one is often still expected to take on similar responsibilities within the scope of a project, such as being responsible for several different departments and the impact of the project results in the whole organization. Like a lateral form of leadership, without any hierarchical power. Leadership in projects significantly impacts the realization of strategy and its adherence within the company, as well as the functioning of the project organization (including through “lessons learned”). We know, from experience, that it requires specific skills to navigate a complex organization with a variety of communication styles, hierarchies, and expressions of organizational culture.

Course module: Leadership in Projects

A significant aspect of project leadership involves motivating team members to want to be a part of and ultimately perform in your project, which can be achieved through effective leadership and communication skills.


Get to Know Yourself

Gain a better understanding of your own behavior, how it may be perceived by others, and how you can adapt to become more successful in a leadership role.


Understand your context

Analyze how your presence and leadership impact others in the organization, especially in communication and interaction.


A Strategic Perspective

Explore how your leadership can shape future project management to enhance the entire project organization in the long term.

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Upon completion of the training, you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your own behavior, how it can be perceived by others, and how you can adapt to be more successful in a leadership role.
  • Understand what it takes to more clearly define, plan, and manage your workday to become more efficient.
  • Increase your understanding of how to use communication tools to better understand and collaborate with others.
  • Learn tools and methods to build trust and lead a team, both in harmony and through challenges and conflicts.

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