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[support in change management]

Many of our clients are constantly evolving their businesses. Changes, reorganizations or termination of contracts can cause gaps in both the resource planning as well as allocation, which result in the need of interim managers and leaders.

At Arkatay we have the experience to take on interim roles both as a leader and a manager. We are experienced in working together with the part of the organization that manages change – cooperating on be everything from changing the ways of working to governing management teams and supporting them in managing the organization’s leaders and managers. Understanding and having the ability to work operatively and on all levels in a customer’s organization is our bread and butter.

With experience in both line and project operations

A majority of our senior operational consultants possess the unique combination of experience in both line management roles and project and program formats. This contributes to an ability to integrate understanding between change and initiative, as well as in the line behind, which in turn contributes to a strong capacity to support multiple parts of the organization. They also have the ability to take on interim roles such as CIO, portfolio owner, portfolio manager, project office manager, or as head of a project-heavy line operation. A selection of our industry experience in interim management roles can be found within manufacturing, energy, food, pharmaceuticals, IT, and transportation sectors.

Sensitivity and participation

When taking on an interim role as a manager or leader, it is important to have a good understanding of the business, while simultaneously keeping an objective perspective on the matter in relation to best practice.

Most importantly, one needs to make sure to not just talk the talk without being ready to actually walk the talk. At Arkatay, participation and long term perspective are key when it comes to our own company culture as well as something we deeply care about amongst all our customers, old as well as new.

Related areas of assistance

In addition to supporting project managers or management teams in interim roles, we also have experience in establishing new functions within the organization related to project and change management. For instance, we have had the privilege of assisting several large companies across various industries in establishing their PMO and providing support throughout the entire process.

Establishing a project office or a project model

Measuring project maturity and defining improvements

Assessing conditions and climate ahead of a planned change

Establishing new work methods and processes

Training management teams, steering committees, and project teams

Preparing, supporting, and facilitating key business moments

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