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Change Management in Practice

[hands-on knowledge within change management]

Change is the new normal, right? But even change itself is changing – the pace is getting faster, more changes happening at the same time. We often need to embark on a change journey without understanding what the final destination looks like, and so we learn to lead in the unknown. 

Meanwhile, a lot of the changes introduced to organizations today are driven in the shape of a project – where we aspire to approach change in a systematic, maybe even controllable way. So how can we set ourselves up for success, both driving and responding to change?

Course objectives

Upon completion of the training, you, as a participant, will have gained:

  • An understanding of current global best practices in change management and how to apply frameworks and methods within the context of your own change process.
  • The ability to apply systematic change management to plan for, implement, and monitor change initiatives, at both the team and organizational levels.
  • The opportunity to sharpen your ability to guide individuals through a change process by facilitating and conducting interpersonal meetings and building relationships with stakeholders.

Course scope

The training spans over 3 days and is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction to the field of change management and its various theories, frameworks, and methods.
  • How to analyze and prepare for a change-intensive project.
  • How to foster participation and co-creation in a project or process with a high level of uncertainty.
  • How to anticipate and manage resistance to change.
  • How to measure, monitor, and follow up on change.
  • How to ensure the sustainability of the change.

A practical course in change management

In this training, we offer a practical approach to change management, targeting leaders, project managers, change managers, and project participants. You will have the opportunity to refresh, build upon, or develop your toolbox of techniques and methods while working practically on your change journey alongside method expertise and other participants. The course is scenario-based, focusing on your own change case, and enhances your ability to drive, facilitate, and support others through a change process.

Methods and exercises are drawn from a combination of global best practices and practical experiences from our certified change leaders. All our trainers are actively engaged in operational and hands-on change management in their everyday work.

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Current Course Offerings

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Related areas of assistance

At Arkatay, we go the extra mile when it comes to change management – both operationally and by fostering change readiness through competency development and tools. We’re armed with best practices and experience, and our certified change leaders are driven to assist your organization in the smartest possible way with your specific change challenges.

As specialist consultants in change management, we understand the importance of handling and navigating through changes effectively to achieve sustainable success.

Our operational resources in change management not only help you manage changes but also transform them into opportunities for growth and development.

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Becoming adept at leading change involves mastering the art of maneuvering an entire organization’s sustainable transition to new behaviors while maintaining employees’ engagement and trust intact. At Arkatay, we’ve embarked on this journey many times before, and we’re more than willing to do it again—this time, with you.

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14 juni - 18 juni

Project Management in practice

Project Management in Practice är en 3-dagars grundläggande utbildning som riktar sig till individer som strävar efter att fördjupa sina kunskaper inom projektledning. Ta steget och anmäl dig här!