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[as a foundation for successful projects]

At Arkatay, we see sustainability as the most important part in creating project success. We want to contribute to increasing the number of successful projects and are convinced that this can be done without impoverishing economic, social, or environmental resources.

Pervading implementation

For an organization to successfully implement their sustainability strategy it’s important that a sustainability perspective permeates all the organization’s processes, decisions, and governance. Many organizations have well thought-out sustainability strategies at corporate level, but that often lack the desired impact in the operative projects – regardless if it’s about product development, new infrastructure, or change projects.

This is something that we want to counteract! We are convinced that to successfully implement one’s sustainability strategy, the everyday work and the operative side of the organization must consider the sustainability strategy in everything they do. Because it is when the sustainability strategy is considered as well as implemented throughout the organization, and when the project- and steering group decisions live up to the strategy that long-term benefits can be achieved for real.

Enhancing Project Maturity

Are you interested in learning about our general approach to project maturity and how we can support your journey towards project maturity?

Sustainability in the workflow

Actively engaging in  sustainable project management has several prominent effects. These include significantly advancing the fulfillment of the organization’s sustainability strategy, thereby reaping various benefits such as long-term competitiveness, enhanced PR and reputation, improved capacity to attract and retain employees, among others. Additionally, such practices foster more effective project implementation by prioritizing conscientious decision-making, which, in turn, enhances project outcomes and promotes resource efficiency within projects.

Aligning projects with sustainability

We’ve crafted a methodology called “Sustainable Project Management” with the goal of seamlessly aligning project activities with an organization’s sustainability strategy, thereby guaranteeing sustainable project leadership. To disseminate this methodology effectively, we provide training sessions for project managers covering sustainable project management, organizational development, and Sustainability Assurance—a pivotal project role entrusted with ensuring the integration of sustainability considerations throughout project implementation.

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