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Being a project manager or steering a program isn’t always a simple art. From a distance, a project or program may appear beautiful and harmonious to the outside world, but up close, it can be a maze of brushstrokes and impressions – almost an expression of chaos. Does that sound familiar?

At Arkatay, we are more than happy to assist you in completing your projects or initiating them together with your organization. With extensive experience in both project and program management, we offer not only guidance but also the application of proven practices. If you require a reliable partner to drive your project and/or program forward, we’re prepared to step in and provide assistance, ready to take the lead if needed.

Sustainability and long-term viability

When managing or supporting projects and programs we bring with us, in addition to our toolbox, a steady focus on sustainability. For us, sustainability covers not just results and long-term effects but also the consideration for people and the world around us as well as economy and resources. As part of this, we actively work with emphasizing the importance of collecting and implementing Lessons Learned throughout the entirety of the project or program. A focus on making use of different experiences contributes to an organization working more sustainably and with a long-term perspective when it comes to their projects and programs – don’t you agree?

Experts in project management

Our experienced consultants can, based on your context, contribute with perspective, best practice, and methodical frameworks that make you reach your goals. We are certified in widely recognized global frameworks such as PRINCE2, PMP, SCRUM, etc., and we are also flexible to adapt to your preferred ways of working. With a wealth of professional experience, our operational consultants can swiftly acclimate to your organization’s context, gaining an understanding of your situation and perspective while being equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during the project or program.

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