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Leadership Development

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Being an effective leader is akin to adeptly juggling multiple balls in the air simultaneously. Balancing leadership qualities to oversee operational activities and long-term objectives alongside skills like negotiation, stakeholder management, and conflict resolution, it’s understandable if occasionally one ball slips from your grasp.

At Arkatay, our expertise ranges from providing assurance and driving change for leaders and organizations to conducting maturity assessments and understanding leadership support needs based on data. We have extensive experience in ongoing mentorship and coaching of leaders and have been entrusted by prestigious institutions like the Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset to develop their leadership capabilities.

Leadership Development in Change

Leading in project-heavy organizations or during periods of ongoing or impending change presents unique challenges.  In times of organizational change, leaders must motivate and guide their teams without the stability of the status quo. Similarly, when leading projects, they must navigate complex situations where clear directives may be lacking.

Appreciation & Trust

Ultimately, the aim is to align the organization’s leaders and managers with collectively agreed-upon processes. Through consistent acknowledgment of desired behaviors, leaders can establish a leadership style that earns acceptance and trust from their employees.

Related areas of assistance

When it comes to effective leadership, there are expectations not only to guide employees positively, fostering personal growth and contribution, but also expectations from the organization for leadership to pave the way for excellent results and the fulfillment of long-term strategy.

Interim Managers & Leaders

At Arkatay, we have extensive experience in interim roles as both managers and leaders. Our senior consultants have broad experience in managerial positions within the line, as well as in project and program management.

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Leadership in Projects

Through our course Leadership in Projects, you enhance your understanding of leadership, how it influences others, and how you can adapt to become more successful in a leadership role.

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Leadership Training

You bring the challenges, context, and human capital, while we contribute models, knowledge, and experience - together, we tailor a training program specifically to meet your needs.

Enhancing Project Maturity

Are you interested in learning about our general approach to project maturity and how we can support your journey towards project maturity?

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14 juni - 18 juni

Project Management in practice

Project Management in Practice är en 3-dagars grundläggande utbildning som riktar sig till individer som strävar efter att fördjupa sina kunskaper inom projektledning. Ta steget och anmäl dig här!