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Project Management Maturity

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The aim of measuring project maturity is typically to drive improvement. This could be due to evident shortcomings, a projected increase in project volume or scale due to external factors, or the emergence of new strategic imperatives demanding enhanced project capabilities.

Frequently, a blend of established metrics is utilized to assess the current state, coupled with self-assessment techniques integrating both quantitative and qualitative data gathering. Employing digital surveys for broad stakeholder outreach, complemented by detailed interviews and dialogues with specific representatives and reference groups, often yields a comprehensive understanding. Subsequently, analysis can be conducted, identifying areas for enhancement and proposing actionable improvements, along with guidance on optimal implementation strategies.

How can we support you?

Examples of our services in project maturity

Establishing a project office or a project model

Measuring project maturity and defining improvements

Assessing conditions and climate ahead of a planned change

Ensuring best practices in individual projects or programs

Training management teams, steering committees, and project teams

Preparing, supporting, and facilitating key business moments

How we help increasing project maturity

Each client possesses invaluable insights into their organization’s dynamics, history, culture, industry, and current context, which are essential for enhancing project maturity effectively. Arkatay complements this understanding with a profound knowledge of international best practices in the field, coupled with extensive experience in implementing similar initiatives for numerous Swedish corporations.

We adeptly navigate through the complexities of theory, offering insights into what typically succeeds and pinpointing common challenges. This enables us to facilitate our clients’ journey towards heightened project maturity, making it not only faster and safer but also more enjoyable. Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach, as we work closely with each client to tailor our services to their specific needs. Whether it’s providing expertise, advisory support, or implementation capabilities, we adapt to bridge any gaps and drive success.

What characterizes a project-mature organization?

In an organization with high project maturity, expertise in project management is well distributed, the baseline level is high, and everyone is well equipped for their roles within projects, whether they are project managers, steering group members, or project team members. The working methods are systematic and designed for high goal achievement, which is reflected in all projects and organizational areas. Continuous learning and ongoing development are part of the everyday work, contributing to constant improvement and adaptation to new circumstances. However, the reality in many organizations is not always a reflection of this – yet.

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