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Strategic Alignment

[from strategy to end goal]

How can one make sure that the organizational strategy, decided at management level, is clearly achieved and embedded into the organization’s operational activities? From the strategic work (the transformation you aim to undertake) to the ultimate goal, we ensure a delicate equilibrium between stabilizing current operations and profitability, while also maintaining a forward-looking perspective. Our support encompasses advisory services, process development, and assistance during implementation. This assistance may manifest in various forms, such as training sessions or strategic workshops, where we facilitate strategy processes to encourage maximum participation.

As facilitators, we gather information and insights to develop and drive the process of creating a strategy. We also emphasize linking the strategy to the business plan by clearly defining drivers and measurable goals. With extensive experience, we assist our clients in conducting their strategic work in a mature manner and ensure that their management systems are robust enough to execute their plans for the future.

Enhancing Project Maturity

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Ensure balance between current and future business

How can one effectively ensure that the strategy set at the top of the organization is clearly embedded and achieved in the operational activities? In many cases, this is easier said than done. The aim should be to make the strategy understandable at all levels, so that everyone comprehends how it affects them in practice.

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Project Management in practice

Project Management in Practice är en 3-dagars grundläggande utbildning som riktar sig till individer som strävar efter att fördjupa sina kunskaper inom projektledning. Ta steget och anmäl dig här!