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Steering Group- & Portfolio Leaders

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Both steering committees and portfolio managers play crucial roles in the success of an organization’s project operations. To achieve successful outcomes in project management, the right expertise is required, but it’s also essential that the expertise available is provided with the right conditions to succeed. As a portfolio manager or a member of a steering committee, one should be able to act in accordance with best practices and with the organization’s strategic goals in mind.

Successful project management

The steering group serves as the bridge between an organization’s strategy and the execution of projects and programs, rendering it one of the organization’s most critical forums. Consequently, the role of the steering group leader is pivotal. Meanwhile, the portfolio leader oversees the initiation, prioritization, and coordination of projects to optimize strategic and financial value for the organization.

Therefore, if an organization embarks on a strategic project but identifies a deficit in the necessary expertise for achieving a successful outcome, Arkatay stands ready to provide support – both in terms of operational resources and competency development initiatives.

Operational resources, advisory services, and competency development

Our consultants possess expertise in staffing roles such as portfolio manager and steering group leader, and they provide valuable support and oversight in project management. Our approach is rooted in best practices, diverse frameworks, and is aligned with competency development in the same domain.

Are you interested in learning about our steering group training? Click here. Or would you like to explore how we can fulfill interim roles? Click here.

Advantages of our services include...


Upon entering an organization, we provide an objective perspective on the situation. Our lack of direct involvement in the internal structures and politics of the business enables us to offer a fresh outlook and identify potential areas for improvement that may have been overlooked internally.

Resource optimization

Utilizing external consultants frees up internal resources, enabling a shift in focus towards other strategic initiatives. This enhances flexibility and scalability in project management, while capitalizing on the specialized knowledge and experience that consultants offer.

Deep expertise

Our consultants possess extensive experience across various industries and projects. This enables us to offer substantial expertise and proven practices for effectively managing intricate projects and portfolios. As a result, we are adept at meeting your requirements and delivering top-notch results.

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