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Alongside our public training courses, we provide custom courses and programs designed to enhance the skill level within specific departments or teams.

Arkatay is privileged to have earned the trust as the main or exclusive provider to several Swedish and international corporate academies, annually training up to a thousand individuals. We draw from our wide range of standardized training programs or tailor them according to specific needs—ranging from extensive training programs to smaller lectures. With 99% of our participants recommending us further, our courses are recognized for their exceptional quality.

Advantages of our services include...

Improved Project Quality

The outcome our clients experience from investing in tailored programs and training isn’t just an increase in the number of successful projects, but also a higher project quality.

Financial Benefits

As an additional bonus of enhanced project quality, many also experience reduced costs, more efficient project executions, and shorter project durations.

Dispersed Competence

Customized training programs can also contribute to establishing a common language within the project organization and ensuring a consistent level of project expertise.

Current Course Offerings

Explore our current training programs here and join us as we collaborate to pave your way towards knowledge, success, and personal development!

Standardized Training Programs

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Our corporate internal training programs present an exciting opportunity for companies and organizations of all sizes. They serve as a catalyst for establishing standardized work methods, processes, and terminology, thereby enhancing cohesion and operational efficiency. Whether it’s a comprehensive training program or a tailored course, training proves to be a potent instrument for growth and development.

Does this align with what your organization needs? Feel free to reach out to us using the form below, and let’s engage in a conversation about the most advantageous competency development strategy for your unique requirements.

Project, program, and portfolio management

Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals in project management. Through interactive learning, practical case studies, and collaborative discussions, participants learn to effectively manage projects, grasp key concepts, and apply tools within their organizations.

Certification Course i PRINCE2®

Arkatay offers a training program in the world's largest project methodology - PRINCE2®. Through theoretical concepts and practical exercises, participants gain a solid understanding of PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes. During the training, participants are certified in both PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner levels.

PMP® Exam Prep Course

A comprehensive training program aimed at preparing participants for the PMP® certification exam. The course covers essential project management concepts, processes, and best practices according to the PMBOK guide, providing participants with the knowledge and skills to lead and manage complex projects.

Leadership in projects

This course is suitable for individuals who aim to strengthen their leadership and improve their ability to communicate and collaborate. Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped to navigate complex organizational environments with increased confidence and leadership capability.

Programme Management in Practice

The course includes topics such as coordinating projects, optimizing resource utilization, and aligning programs with organizational goals. It equips participants with skills to successfully plan and execute complex programs.

Portfolio Management in Practice

The course focuses on managing portfolios of projects and covers topics such as prioritization, resource allocation, and monitoring and controlling project execution. It provides participants with tools to effectively organize and lead various projects within a portfolio.

Change management

Change Management in Practice

This course introduces fundamental theories of change management with a focus on the ADKAR model. Through case studies and practical exercises, participants enhance their ability in change management, preparing them to successfully navigate change in professional environments.

Agile methodologies and principles

Preparatory Course - Scrum Master

This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum framework. Through practical exercises and theoretical learning, they acquire effective methods for project management and delivery, preparing them to become certified Scrum Masters.

Disciplined Agile Course

The course provides participants with a deep understanding of the Disciplined Agile (DA) framework, which guides organizations seeking to implement Agile and Lean principles at scale. It covers topics such as Agile project management, Lean and Agile delivery, architecture, design, testing, quality, and governance.

Agile or Not Lecture

The course provides participants with an increased understanding of the differences between Agile and traditional project management, as well as when each methodology is appropriate. It offers insights that facilitate discussions about the potential of agile work for one's own team.

Simulation courses

Tango Business Simulation Course

The course offers a business simulation game where participants simulate a knowledge-intensive company. They compete against five other companies for the same customers and employees in a dynamic market.

Sustainability in practice – a business simulation

The course explores the business impact of sustainability, covering environmental, social, and economic sustainability, as well as its strategic significance. Participants learn to measure and report sustainability performance through simulations as well as case studies.

Steering group training

Steering Group Course

This course provides guidance for individuals working in project steering groups. The course covers topics such as project governance, project sponsorship, project planning and control, stakeholder management, risk management, and project performance measurement.

Tools for enhanced work methods & processes

Risk Management Course

Participants in this course gain a deep understanding of risk management principles and methods, such as risk identification, assessment, response planning, and monitoring, equipping project managers and steering groups for effective management of project risks.

Stakeholder Management Course

This course highlights the importance of stakeholder management in project success and offers practical tools and strategies for engaging and communicating effectively with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

Scheduling Management Course

This course explores fundamental principles and advanced techniques for schedule management, including creating project plans, analyzing critical paths, and effectively managing project resources to optimize the project's timeframe and resource utilization.

Scope Management Course

This course provides an understanding of scope management in project management and covers topics such as creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), managing scope changes, scope verification and control, as well as stakeholder management techniques.

Estimating Skills Course

The course is aimed at anyone involved in estimation, particularly estimations of project work. This includes project team members, project managers, and line managers. No prerequisites are required, but participants are expected to have some experience in estimating project work.

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Project Management in practice

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