Change management in practice

Change is the new normal, right? But even change itself is changing – the pace is getting faster, more changes happening at the same time. We often need to embark on a change journey without understanding what the final destination looks like, and so we learn to lead in the unknown. 

Meanwhile, a lot of the changes introduced to organizations today are driven in the shape of a project – where we aspire to approach change in a systematic, maybe even controllable way. 

So how can we set ourselves up for success, both driving and responding to change?


About this course

In this training programme, we offer a practical approach to change to leaders, project managers, change managers and team members. You will get the opportunity to refresh or renew your toolbox of techniques, and work on your case for change together with expertise and the other participants.

The training is scenario driven, built from the starting point of your own need to drive and facilitate others in your environment through a change journey.  

Our methods and exercises are gathered from experience and best practices, and our trainers are seasoned change managers themselves. 

Training can be delivered to cross-functional teams embarking on a change together or adapted to your circumstances. Either way, the intention is to be a close partner and advisor as you go through the change journey yourself. 



Course objectives

After training is completed, you will have:

  • An understanding of the current global best practices within change management, and how they can be utilized within a project of your own
  • The ability to apply systematic tools to plan and monitor change, on a team or organizational level
  • Honed your ability to guide individuals through change by preparing and facilitating interpersonal interactions




The course spans 3 days and is divided into the following modules:

  • Introduction to the field of change management and different theories and frameworks
  • How to assess and prepare for a change-intense project
  • How to encourage participation and co-creation when navigating the unknown
  • Anticipating and dealing with resistance
  • How to monitor and measure your progress
  • How to reinforce the new normal state



Course adaptions for specific needs

As this course is based upon modules it is possible to create a bespoke version of it. Typical adaptions can be to add or enhance certain modules, or to adapt the content somewhat to connect to any organization-specific models or processes for change- and project management. It is also possible to create a shared and fictive case scenario, to be domain specific for the certain target audience. 



Trainer accreditations

Our trainers are accredited and certified to work with materials from PMI®, PRINCE2® and PROSCI®